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Since we know how difficult is to find a supplement that will give you the maximum effect with no hidden ingredients, we decided to create it for you. Meet Inflammation Lab®, provider of honest and effective natural supplements designed to make you feel noticeably better.

Our products contain only the best ingredients

We have looked all over the world to find the best ingredients for our supplements. Therefore, our products only contain natural, vegan, non GMO ingredients with very high bioavalability. We have also made sure that our production is world class and that each production batch is independently tested.

Bioavailable means better absortion

Our products contain the most bioavaliable versions of the ingredients that are available. This means that your body will absorb and make use of the full dose in each product. Many other products contain good ingredients on paper but your body is not able to absorb them so you get very little benefit.

Your lifestyle determines your health

Our lifestyle plays a greater role in our health than many believe. Stress, too little sleep and above all, a poor diet can trigger diseases that otherwise had not occurred. By making small lifestyle changes, you can feel better and stay healthier. Increasing the amount of green vegetables and cutting down on sugar and wheat are great steps to take. Adding really good dietary supplements to ensure that you get all the nutrients you need and want is another good step towards a better health.

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To make it easier for you to take care of your health, we offer a subscription to our products. You can customize your deliveries so that you get the right amount of our products without running out of them. If you become a subscription customer, you will also get a better price on our products.

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