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We are a Swedish company with an international team growing globally. Our team includes professionals in R&D, and sourcing of raw materials with the highest quality all around the world. Our headquarters is located in Stockholm.

Our history

We had a hard time finding a great holistic food supplement supplier that could satisfy our needs. Something needed to be done! Therefore, we decided to put together a series of nutrients that give you the promised effects. We also wanted to focus on helping our customers improve their lifestyle since our lifestyle plays a major role in the diseases we develop. So, we looked all over the world to find the best ingredients. We wanted to ensure that they are of the highest quality for maximum effect. Therefore, our products only contain natural, vegan, non-GMO ingredients with very high bioavailability. We have also made sure that our production is world class and that each production batch is internally and independently tested.


Proper nutrition is the key to a better health and balance

This is why every single ingredient in our products has a purpose. Your health is our priority. We want that along with a healthy diet, you get the proper nutrition that is not always possible without great supplements.

Our suppliers are as important as our customers

In order to provide you with the best quality ingredients, we need to know where they come from. Therefore, we work with companies that care about their supply chain as much as we do.

Our own recipes directly to you

Our experts have more than 25 years experience as well as broad knowledge in the matter. This is how we have designed our own recipes, just for your wellbeing.

A healthier life with natural nutrients

The nature offers you everything you need for a healthier life. Herbs, flowers, roots, antioxidants are just examples. Therefore, we have selected only the ingredients, we think will work with your body’s own systems. We are commited to making products of the highest quality that will give you the maximum effect. Your health is our priority!

Anna Engman
Founder and CEO

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