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Why choose vegan omega-3 from algae?

Vegan omega-3 from algae felt like the obvious choice for us when we had to pick which type of omega-3 to include in our products. We believe that we have some really good reasons for picking vegan omega-3 from algae. When we have talked to people about the difference between the two versions of omega-3…

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The amazing properties of ginger


Ginger contains gingerol which has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In traditional medicine, ginger has long been used as a pain killer, to help indigestion, cure nausea and to avoid the flu. Now the scientific evidence is stacking up in favor of its benefits. Here are some of the most important reasons that you should…

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The ultimate guide to turmeric

In this post, we aim to answer the most common questions about turmeric and its most active component – curcumin. Learn more about turmeric’s traditional use, its health benefits, and how you can ensure that you get enough curcumin to maximize its benefits. What is curcumin? What health benefits does it give and what should you…

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11 months left to make 2018 healthier

January has passed but has your commitment to your new year’s resolution passed? Maybe you’re still in the “planning phase” of how to tackle your resolution? Or are you one of those that skipped your new year’s resolution since you usually fail to live up to them? Don’t panic! Only 8% achieve their New Year…

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This is why Tonya recommends Inflammation Lab

Tonya has taken Team Work™ for some time now. Get to know her story and learn why she recommends Inflammation Lab™. My experience from clinical research is one of the reasons that I was attracted to Inflammation Lab. Me I’m a very positive person that always try to find a silver lining. I’m originally from New Orleans,…

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This is why you don’t get enough nutrients in your diet

Do we need to take supplements or is a healthy diet enough to ensure that we have all the nutrients that we need to stay healthy? It seems the answer is yes. Here’s why: Depleted soils mean less nutrients Plants doesn’t only need sunlight and water to grow. They also needs minerals. Ideally, plants should…

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