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Curcumin’s bioavailability – how much the body absorbs and retains is the only measurement that matters

Curcumin is not about how much you take. Instead, curcumin is all about absorption. Bioavailability, meaning how much curcumin the body absorbs and retains is the only measurement that matters.

Turmeric and its active ingredient, curcumin, is one of the most talked about nutrients right now. Researchers are focusing on this fascinating molecule for its wide variety of proposed health benefits, such as promotion of heart health, reduction of inflammation and cholesterol, protecting against diabetes, promoting liver health, its potential anti-cancer properties and many other effects. However, curcumin has one big down side. Its bioavailability. Because of that, curcumin supplements have fast become the most high-tech race for producers. Bioavailability is determined by four main factors. Let us tell you a bit more about them and why we chose to add liquid curcumin together with vegan omega 3 in Agile™.

Bioavailability function number 1: Solubility

The curcumin must get dissolved in the stomach. If that doesn’t happen, the curcumin particles will be too large for the body to absorb through the membranes in the intestines. Most curcumin in powder form have a hard time dissolving. Since Inflammation Lab’s curcumin is already liquid it completely dissolves in the stomach.

Bioavailability function number 2: Stability

The curcumin must survive the gut. If it gets destroyed by our digestive system the body will not be able to enjoy its benefits. A lot of curcumin supplements get destroyed by the low pH-level in the stomach. NovaSOL®, the curcumin used by Inflammation Lab™, is completely stable through the digestive process and delivers the curcumin fully to the intestinal wall for maximum effect.

Bioavailability function number 3: Permeability

The active ingredient must get across the cells of the stomach or intestines and into the blood. If the curcumin does not dissolve in water or has a very low solubility it can not be absorbed through the membranes and thus its permeability will be negligible and consequently its bioavailability will be too low.

Bioavailability function number 4: Metabolism

The active ingredient must not be broken down by enzymes in the lining of the gut or the liver. Most curcumins are broken down by the liver within two hours. Research shows that the curcumin used by Inflammation Lab™ (NovaSOLⓇ) stays in the blood plasma for over 24 hours. This means that you don’t have to keep taking it throughout the day compared to many other turmeric and curcumin supplements.

As you can see, the key to bioavailability is to deliver the unharmed curcumin to the most efficient point of absorption, which is at the intestinal wall and to maximize the time that the curcumin says in the blood. Since NovaSOLⓇ was the curcumin that we found to score best on all of solubility, stability, permeability and metabolism we decided to add it to Agile™ and Team Work™. Taking two capsules of Inflammation Lab’s curcumin and vegan omega 3 will ensure that you get all your daily need of DHA and the bioequivalent of 10-15 grams of turmeric which normally requires 25 capsules of normal powdered turmeric/curcumin.



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