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11 months left to make 2018 healthier

January has passed but has your commitment to your new year’s resolution passed? Maybe you’re still in the “planning phase” of how to tackle your resolution? Or are you one of those that skipped your new year’s resolution since you usually fail to live up to them? Don’t panic! Only 8% achieve their New Year Resolutions. Health related resolutions are at the top when it comes to popularity. For a good reason! Your health is your primary asset in life. For the rest of 2018, how about revisiting your resolution and make it specific and realistic? It makes it easier to succeed with your healthy lifestyle! Let us give you our best tips for a healthy 2018. We believe that everyone can keep these resolutions. Start with just one and then add once you feel comfortable doing so.


Add more vegetables to your diet

If you add more vegetables to your diet you’ll get more nutrients and fiber and you’ll feel more energetic. Focus on dark leafy greens if you don’t already eat them and don’t overcook your vegetables if you like them warm.


Cut down white and beige food

Lack of natural color is often a tell-tale sign of an unhealthy meal. By gutting down on whatever is white or beige on your plate and adding more color you will get so much more energy! You can simply remove it and add more vegetables or replace white rice, pasta and bread for brown rice, pasta made from soy beans or chick peas or add buckwheat, spelt, and quinoa.


Take really good nutrients

Make sure that your body has all the nutrients that it needs. In the western world, our meals are often rich in calories but poor in nutrients and this time of year it is extra important to help your body as the vegetables that we buy in the shops have seen less sunlight than normal. Team Work™ is a good example of a complete high-quality nutrients. It contains all the anti-inflammatory goodies that your body needs


Cut down on sugar and sweeteners

These days sugar is everywhere and often hidden in food don’t look sweetened. When reading ingredient lists sugar might have a different name such as sucralose or maltose. Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame can affect your health, especially your brain as it’s a neurotoxin. Cutting on sugar will make your immune system stronger, you will get more energy and you will notice that your sugar cravings start to lessen very quickly.


Replace soft drinks and juices with water

It is important to drink water every day. Your body needs pure plain water. Soft drinks, instead, make you thirsty as they increase your blood sugar.

Prepare more meals at home

Ready-made food often contains ingredients that can affect your health in the long term such as hydrogenated oil and sugar. It may take more time to cook, but this way you can control what’s in your food.


Only eat at the table

Try to give your TV or phone a break. Food should be enjoyed. Eating at the table also makes you conscious of what, and how much you are eating.


Start moving

10 000 steps a day is a great recipe for a healthy 2018. Tyr leaving the car at home and get off the bus or tube one station early.

Remember. Only 8% achieve their New Year Resolutions. Start with just one realistic change and then add more changes once you feel comfortable doing so, Don’t forget your Team Work™. It contains all the anti-inflammatory goodies that your body needs. That is the best way to achieve a healthy 2018.

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